Senior High School and College students will acquire the following technical skills through work related tasks in the field of IT and Accounting.

Information Technology

For SHS ICT or STEM Strand &
College Students taking any
computer related course

Course Outline

  • ► Web Designing using Figma
  • ► Website Mockup Designing
  • ► Frontend Development
  • ► Mobile Responsive Designing
  • ► CSS & HTML Programming
  • ► Web Content Designing and
  • ► SASS Preprocessor Scripting Language
  • ► Tailwind CSS
  • ► WordPress Development
  • ► Business Work Ethics


For SHS ABM Strand &
College Students taking any
accounting related course

Course Outline

  • ► Company Incorporation
    and Registration
  • ► Chart of Accounts
  • ► Basic Accounting
  • ► Bookkeeping
  • ► Financial Reports
  • ► Payroll Accounting: PH and US
  • ► Taxation: PH and US
  • ► Bank Transactions
  • ► QuickBooks Online
  • ► Xero Online
  • ► Budget Monitoring
  • ► Financial Projections
  • ► Depreciation
  • ► Non Profit Accounting
  • ► Accounts Receivable and
    Accounts Payable
  • ► Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
  • ► Financial Report Errors and
  • ► Stockholder’s Equity
  • ► Standard Costing
  • ► Manufacturing Accounting
  • ► Merchandising Accounting

Through our partnership with different schools and universities, we believe we can give the best educational development and a good foundation for our students’ future, making schools even more respectable, more competitive, and highly recommended throughout the region.

Our team is composed of IT specialists and Accounting professionals who can share their skills and industry experience with the students and trainees undergoing internship and immersion with our company. Trainees will be exposed to real-life project management and development and will be closely engaged with our team to have a taste of how to work in a corporate environment. Aside from the skills and techniques that the students and trainees can gain from our team, we are also integrating personal leadership training which deals with issues related to self-government or personal leadership including how to be principle-driven that can strengthen core values and attitudes of an individual to prepare oneself not only in professional work aspect but also in different facets of life.

Yes, we also offer special training to those who wants to learn web development.

We accept students from Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM) strand and Information Communication Technology strand for our IT training. Also, we accept students from Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) strand for our accounting training.

For Senior High Students

  • Resume
  • 2×2 scanned picture with white background
  • Endorsement Letter
  • Photocopy of current enrollment registration form
  • Training waiver (if any)
  • School’s evaluation form

For College Students

  • Resume
  • 2×2 scanned picture with white background
  • Endorsement letter
  • Photocopy of current enrollment registration form
  • Training waiver (if any)
  • School’s evaluation form

Crash Course for Professional

  • Updated Resume

*For more information about the training fee, please send an email to or contact us: (049) 503-1559

1. Web Development

  • HTML5 Markup
  • CSS3 Styling
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Javascript Development
  • SASS technology
  • Graphics and Mockup Designing
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development

2. Accounting Processes and Practices

  • Journal Entry
  • Ledger Posting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Trial Balance Reporting
  • US-Payroll Management
  • Financial Statements & Reports
  • Quickbooks and
  • Advance Excel

For Senior High Students: 10 Days (8 hours per day)

For College Students: Depending on the required number of hours of their course.

For Non-Students: Depending on the specific skills needed by the trainee.

We can accommodate 30 students per batch of training for Face-to-Face setup .

We can accommodate 30 to 50 students per batch of training for online setup.

Training will be from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm.

Mr. Jhonny Dichoso, MIT

Head, Learning Center Solutions

Supervisor, Web Development

Mrs. Kennie Deriquito

Human Resource Assistant

Mr. Roy Balaaldia

ICT Trainer

Graphics and Web Designer

Ms. Thea Lyzette Consignado

Accounting Trainer

Accounting Associate

Mr. Ramon Plaza

ICT Trainer

Backend/WordPress Developer

Mr. Mark Christopher Bumagat

ICT Trainer

WordPress Developer

Mr. Ansbert Gregana

ICT Trainer

Web Developer

Mr. Emmanuel Manalo

ICT Trainer

Web Developer


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      (049) 501 3592 | (+63) 927 168 6810

      For interested schools and students seeking partnership, you can reach out to the following focal persons:

      Computer-Related Courses

      Ms. Herlyn Mae Torres

      Accounting-Related Courses

      Ms. Thea Lyzette Consignado