Position: Social Media Manager

Position: Social Media Manager


Job Description:

  • We are looking for a talented Social media manager to administer our social media accounts. You will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals.
  • As a Social media manager, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends. You should have excellent communication skills and be able to express our company’s views creatively.
  • Ultimately, you should be able to handle our social media presence ensuring high levels of web traffic and customer engagement.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals
  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making
  • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns, such as targets for a certain number of shares or likes and measuring a campaign’s performance against the KPIs
  • Monitor, track, analyse and report on performance on social media platforms using tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights
  • Identify consumer trends to help with planning social media campaigns
  • Research and evaluate the latest tools and techniques in order to find new and better ways of measuring social media activity
  • Optimise content to further encourage community interaction and engagement
  • Manage and facilitate social media communities by responding to social media posts and developing discussions


  • Social media: The ability to use social media to maintain or build a brand is necessary to be a Social Media Manager . These professionals are expected to regularly post text, video and images that engage the company’s target market, follow online conversations on a company’s social media accounts and solve customer concerns using social media platforms.
  • Communication: Great verbal and written communication skills are essential for this occupation. A Social Media Manager must interact with writers, designers, developers and customers and report to senior management personnel. As good communicators, these professionals must identify social media events such as an interesting hashtag or a sensitive topic and share appropriate content that aligns with the company’s social media strategy.
  • Creativity: Crafting engaging content is an important skill for a Social Media Manager. These professionals must constantly align content with customer trends and market changes to interest and engage people.
  • Technology: Computer skills, skills in using social media platforms and skills in using tools that analyze social media platforms are requirements for this position. A Social Media Manager must use digital technologies to meet the goals of social media campaigns.
  • Research: Skills in learning social media trends, identifying new social media tools and finding real-time online conversations are necessary for this position. Social Media Managers must have an understanding of the trends and techniques of social media as well as the company’s online presence to effectively handle social media marketing.
  • Time management: The skill of organizing tasks to meet deadlines is essential for this professional role. Social Media Managers work according to schedules and must meet marketing and business goals.

Position: Web Developer

Position: Web Developer


Job Description:

  • Programming languages for this role are geared towards open source technology such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As technology evolves it is crucial that the basic concepts of object-oriented programming are understood.
  • Although not required, an understanding of Linux command-line scripting and management is to be considered a bonus. It is important that this individual be a ninja or growing ninja of programming tasks.
  • This role will be in constant communications with clients and third parties to ensure that all necessary facets are operational and functional. It may be important to understand that you need to be cool and down to Earth. Like a cool cat.
  • This role is one that requires occasional nights and weekends to ensure application rollouts go well, given internal and external availability.
  • This individual who requires this role must be a general jack of all trades who is quirky, odd, strange, and an all-around good communicator who is very much outspoken and bold. Very bold. Oh, and placing emphasis on wrong syllables.
  • A primary key to being successful in this position is having a background in application development while being able to learn, grow and expand as the environment changes


  • Design and development of cross-platform/browser websites and web applications for internal and external use.
  • Communication with clientele to review, plan and execute programming tasks.
  • Communication with hosting and email providers to ensure up time and service status.
  • Administration and implementation of websites on local, staging and development environments.
  • Administration of e-mail server in order to ensure accounts are configured and available for clientele.
  • Annoying the management from time to time, as they need the harassment, or so this description thinks….Gotta keep them on their toes.
  • Ensuring code is backed up to necessary locations.
  • Monitoring of client issues via email or internal ticketing system.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, web application development or related field
  • Experience, professional training and certifications


  • Having an understanding of the development workflow
  • Ability to develop and execute application development
  • Understanding of programming concepts and languages
    • Object-oriented
    • Procedural
    • Functional
  • Understanding of various programming languages
    • Advanced or better: HTML, CSS
    • Intermediate: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and its various libraries including jQuery
    • Additional languages are an added bonus
  • Understanding of web technology platforms
    • Intermediate: Drupal, Symfony
    • Additional platforms are an added bonus.
  • Understanding of responsive web design which is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.
  • Following internal and external coding standards such as those set by Drupal or Symfony.
  • Understanding of SCM, such as GIT
  • Familiarity with development software
    • Adobe Suite
    • Aptana/Titanium Studio
    • All major browsers
  • Operating Systems
    • Novice: *nix Operating System (CentOS preferred)
    • Expert: Windows and/or Mac
  • Being a team player
  • Effectively communicating needs of clients and projects to team as necessary
  • Effectively communicating with clients to ensure project success
  • Adaptability and the willingness to expand current skill set.

Mrs. Rhoda Beloso, HR Manager

PLDT: 049 501 3592     |     GLOBE: 0927 168 6810


You can email or submit your resume during office hours from
Monday - Friday | 7:00am - 4:30pm at Baloc road, Brgy. San Ignacio, San Pablo City, Laguna, 4000



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