Kicking off the fellowship, our Operations Manager, Sir Ralph Acoba, filled the room with pride and motivation. His words resonated deeply as he shared the heartening feedback from our trainees. Their appreciation underscored the profound impact our company has on the development of our students-trainees, fueling our sense of purpose and dedication.

We took part in an interesting activity to learn more about ourselves. Using the Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver types, we explored our personalities. This helped us understand each other better and work in harmony.

With guidance from Ms. Ronica Bianca Del Monte, we dived into Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” and the Hedgehog Concept. This concept encouraged us to find the sweet spot between our passions, strengths, and what the market needs. Ms. Del Monte’s talk gave us useful insights for our personal and group efforts.

We joined in celebrating the birthdays of our colleagues born in August. These moments reminded us of the strong bonds we share as a close team, supporting each other through all parts of life.

We enjoyed a yummy spread of pizzas and tasty chicken snacks. Alongside the good food, we shared laughter and conversations, making our connections even stronger. The August company gathering was a mix of growth, togetherness, and shared happiness. Let’s take the inspiration, lessons, and memories from this event to keep pushing ahead together.