In line with the immersion program, we were given an opportunity to promote our new module to St. Therese Academy. The program that FBS developed focused on how the senior high school students of ABM strand can apply their school learnings in an actual work related experience. Frontline Business Solutions is helping to augment the formal training of the students in order to apply the basic and advanced techniques in the industry that will be useful in their chosen field. Aside from actual work related experience in the said strand, FBS will also share the MAXIMIZERS principles which are a personal leadership guide and corporate values formation. The integration of personal leadership effectiveness lectures will be given by different guest speakers who will share their experience in handling situations in different areas of an individual’s life such as business ethics and self-leadership. Frontline Business Solutions is looking forward to meet the senior high school students of St. Therese Academy this school year. Thank you for the trust and the upcoming partnership with us.